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How Should We Raise the Muslim Children?


These are the children who are the future of our society and it’s our parent’s responsibility to take some hard steps to raise up in the best manner possible. We should teach them what is wrong and right in our religion Islam. For the upbringing process, the teachings of Islam are one obligatory part. We must tell them about the articles and pillars of the Islam such as Hajj is the best worship for the Muslims. They perform it with a great energy through Uk Umrah Packages 2017 With 5 Star Services.

Their upbringing is very important in the life hereafter because they will be responsible for the good deeds as well as the wrong deeds in the front of Allah. Now let us see the tips how should we raise the Muslim children.

• Tell a Significance of Worship

• Arrange Quran Instructor

• Be Generous to Them

• Tell the Stories 

• Give Proper Time 

• Reward Them

Tell a Significance of Worship

The main and first duty of parents is to tell kids the worshiping of Allah. Because He is our Creator and Giver and must worship of Oneness of Allah. In every work, we remember the Allah and thankful to Him for His blessings. This is the time to guide your kids and make them true Muslims.

Arrange Quran Instructor

Due to a busy life, parents less teach their kids about Islam and it’s not good for them. If they will not get the basics of Islam then how they will become the good citizen of the society. Therefore, you must arrange the Islamic teacher or instructor who teaches your kids about the Quran and another Islamic history.

Tell the Stories 

As we know that kids take interest in the stories and it’s their habit to listen to the stories before going to bed. Parents should avail this opportunity and tell them about the Islamic stories such as Prophets stories etc. They will get the Islam immediately Insha’Allah. So, be kind to them and give them proper time because they need your time and attention. Parents are the only hope for the kids. You should take some time in your busy life for them to make them good and true Muslim. 

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