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Hazrat Ali Bin Abi Talib


Hazrat Ali- Bin-Abu-Talib is the cousin as well as the Son-In-Law of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). He got married to Hazrat Bibi Fatima the most beloved daughter OF the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). He was the son of “Abu-Talib” he was the custodian of the Holy Ka’aba at that time. He was the most faithful, obedient and trustworthy companion of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Allah Almighty provided him with great knowledge and wisdom, he was also the fourth caliph of Islam. And first Imam.

Hazrat Ali was born in the most sacred place of the Universe inside the Holy Ka’aba, in the day of 15 “Shaban” according to the Islamic Calendar and according to the “English Calendar,” it was 15 September 601. And he got martyred at the age of 60 in the battlefield on the day of 21 Ramadan 40AH according to Islamic Calendar and according to the English Calendar, he martyred on 15 September 661. He is the most famous personality in the world, according to the research it has been noted that he holds a special place in heart of all the people around the world, because of some of his unique qualities and folks of bravery, The reason why he is famous for and have a high rank below then that of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in the hearts of Muslims around the world are enlisted as follow.

Most young Person to Embrace Islam:

He embraces Islam at very small age, about 10 years. Even his parents were against him but his believe even in that age was much firm that he left his parents for Islam, He was a Great and true believer of Allah and true lover of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Sea of knowledge:

Allah provided him with the sea of knowledge, he provides him knowledge of all the world and thing within even of very small insects. It was reported that;
Before Hazrat Ali starts Namaz a person asked him;

“What kind of species lay eggs and what kind of species give birth?”

He replied;

“The species having inside ears lay the egg, whereas the species have the ears at the outer side they give birth!”

Then he went to Namaz. This thing is now proved by science. This statement was correct.

It is also written in Sahi-Bukhari ones Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said,

“Ali is the door of the world of knowledge”.

Likewise, the saying of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) the sayings of the Hazrat Ali are also stored and noted down he told many things to help mankind to get morally and spiritually perfect.


Hazrat Ali was born inside the house of Allah. He is the only child of the universe who was born inside the Holy Ka’aba, and Holy Prophet was the first one to feed with them a drop of Honey. As it was a tradition in Arab. From here you can check out his rank such a blessing to born inside of Ka’aba.


He was the bravest person among the companion of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), he was all the time ready to fight for the Prophet of Allah and sacrifices his life for him. He fought many battles and kill uncountable Jews. He fought like lion all the time, and he was the one who kills the monster Jew who was also known as killing machine, within seconds. He was the one to root out the great and grand doors of the castle and throw it almost 35m away form a single hand. He was the only one to conquer the whole castle of 10,000 Jews alone, He was the one who fought the most trained sword man of Makkah on the field of Trench. He was that much brave that Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) gave him the title of “Lion of Allah”.

Forth Caliph of Islam:

He was the fourth Caliph of Islam, he was considered in the great leaders of his time, he has blessed with the great leadership as well as the great knowledge of the battle, in his Era Islam was spread all over the world and Islam was the second most practiced religion of the world. Some of the major contributions of Hazrat Ali in the services of Islam as follow;

1. Tried Muslims to get united and be in one direction but he was not successful so far.
2. Introduce reforms in taxes and collection of revenues.
3. Fighting and destroying the Kharijite movement, who were trying to mislead Muslims by imposing false Islamic beliefs?
4. Facing all the problems caused by protestors who were supporters of Abdullah ibn Saba and who also murdered Hazrat Usman (R.A), with great courage without losing his heart defeating them during the Battle of Nahrawan.

These are some reasons why Muslims around the world have a high rank of love for Hazrat Ali in their hearts and have a deep interest to visit the place he born, and spent his life and went to his tomb do salvation. Keeping this which in view many travel agencies started offering some cheap Umrah packages for all Umrah tour packages with ziyarah Masjid Jin so that we may enjoy the blessings of Allah Almighty, they all provide you with more facilities at minimum prices.