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How Muslim Women Make their Hajj and Umrah Rewardable?


All the Muslims have desired to make their Holy Worship of Hajj and Umrah rewarding. The journey of pilgrims towards Makkah and Madinah never stops. Every age of the persons goes for Umrah and Hajj every year. But, Importance of Umrah In Ramadan is another way of getting the blessings of Allah. The question is that How Muslim Women made their Hajj and Umrah Rewardable. 

Tips for Women Pilgrims 

The person that will perform Umrah and Hajj according to Sunnah and Quran, Allah definitely will give the reward. But, women follow the given steps to get close to Allah.

• If she is experiencing the Hayd or Nifas and on the entering of Miqat, she should take a Bath

• Any outfit can be their Ihram as long as their Aura is covered with Muslim women during Hajj

• If they want they can also wear their jewelry in the state of Ihram. But, avoid such kind of things

• While performing Hajj and Umrah, a Muslim Women shouldn’t cover her face or wear gloves

• A Muslim Women has to pay the Fidyah if she can touch his husband for a desire or something else. So, stay away from the sexual desire 

• Women must refrain from doing Umrah in the state of menstrual cycle

• Women have to cut the nail length hairs after the Say’ee

• Al-Idhtebaa’ and Al-Raml- are not for women, it just for men

• In low voice, Talbeeyah is said by women

• The condition of Mahram is important for women. Without Mahram she can’t perform Hajj and Umrah. 

• But, some women went for Umrah and Hajj without Mahram, is it allowed in some cases or not??? Share your opinion on it.