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Spiritual and Physical Health of a Muslim with Five Pillars of Islam



In the world, every nation follows the religion or have faith in some idols etc. But, we know that Islam is the religion that is divine and holiest. The Muslim nation follows it with a true heart and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is their Prophet and Last Messenger of Allah Almighty. There is no religious conviction in the world that emphasizes that much upon the happiness of its supporters than the religion Islam. 

In addition, giving ethical guiding principle to its supporters, Islam also gives ways and commands to help the supporters live life in the best way possible. Allah says that, 

“Everything good that occurs to you (O manhood) is from Allah. Everything malevolent that occurs to you is from your own actions.” (Holy Quran: 4:79)

The Pillars of Islam 

There are five pillars of Islam that help the Muslims to enter into the religion Islam and also help in the physical situation. See the list here, 

• Shahada 

The first pillar of Islam that purifies the soul of the person with the instructions of Allah and Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims feel mentally peace when they remember Allah Almighty because Islam religion is a religion of Barakah. 

• Salah

The second pillar of Islam is Salah. The Muslim nation offers the prayers five times a day with regularly. They get the spiritual and physical satisfaction like, they recite the Holy Quran and make Dua from Allah. When they perform the rituals of Salah, their backbone gets strong and pain-free. The legs get strong and powerful and much more physical benefits. Allah says that, “O manhood! There has come to you a direction from your Allah and a remedial for the (illness) in your cores - and for those who have faith in a direction and clemency!” (Holy Quran: 10:57)

• Fast

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims keep fasting that is helpful for their stomach. And they understand the needs of poor and needy.

• Zakat

Through Zakat Muslims help the needy and poor who are not financially blessed. In this way, Allah purifies the wealth of rich. 

• Hajj

The biggest event of Hajj which Muslims perform with Cheapest Hajj Packages 2018 Pay in Installments and December Umrah Packages to complete the religious journey. 

So, follow the pillars of Islam to get the spiritual and physical satisfaction. But it is just in the Religion Islam.