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Which Religion Has the Highest Population in the World?

In the present time, the population of the world is approximately 7.53 billion according to the census of 2017. The Earth is the only planet where human beings survive and take a deep breath to bear the circumstances of worldly life. The thought and vision of every person who is existing on earth have differed from others. The way of thinking, way of talking, and way of behaving is quite different and varies person to person or region to region. 

Within the 7.53 billion population, there are some people who have faith in the creator or god who created this universe for some purpose. But there is a high number of populations who don’t believe in this concept. They think there is no creator and the Lord who creates the universe and human beings. According to them, the Day of Judgement will never occur and life will remain like this. They don’t worship any god and remain busy in the worldly problems.

 In the current scenario, there are some major religions and people strongly follow these religious convictions. They have faith in that their god helps them in every difficult situation. They start their day with the worship of their lord and then perform their other responsibilities to live a standard life. Now we discuss a list of religions here. 

1. Christianity

 Yes, the world’s highest population follow the religion of Christianity according to census the of 2015. According to a new Pew Research Center demographic survey, 31% of 7.3 billion people or third of earth’s population follow this religion. Christianity has 3 main subcategories,

• Mostly Roman Catholic 
The Roman Catholic followers are existing in the Central, and South American countries. 80% of South American countries follow this religion. Some European states have also belonged to Roman Catholic faith such as United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany etc. Some United States people also a follower of this religious conviction. 

• Mostly Protestant
The majority of North America continents such as Canada and the USA are the follower of the Protestant religion. The continent of Australia like Australia and New Zeeland and some European countries such as Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden, Finland etc. are the supporters of Christianity Protestant religion. 

• Mostly Eastern Orthodox  
The world’s largest country Russia is the follower of Eastern Orthodox faith. The Russian neighboring European countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Poland etc. also the supporter of this religion. 

2. Religion Islam 

The second largest religion in the world is Islam. The Religion of Peace, Islam is consisting of Oneness of Allah, Last Prophet (PBUH), and the Holy Book Quran. The House of Allah, Holy Kaaba is located in Mecca and Muslims visit it by availing the cheap and 5 Star December Umrah Packages 2019. There are 2 main categories of Islam religion. 

• Sunni
The heavy Sunni Muslims population exist in the African and Asian continents such as Middle East countries, South Asian region, upper African countries, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.  

• Shia
The Shia Muslim population exist in some Middle East countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Some African countries also follow the Shia religion.

These two religions are major in the world. But there are many more religious convictions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism etc.