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Hajj Umrah Medical Kit

Though some people keep active, improve mobility and do exercise regularly while other travelers may benefit from a general health check-up with their GP before their departure to optimize their health, particularly the mature and those with medical conditions. Yet, to tackle the minor disorders during the sacred journey and while performing the rituals of pilgrimages, Muslim medical specialists have designed a medical travel kit. It allows Hajj or Umrah pilgrims to quickly and effectively respond to minor injuries while traveling. Minor illnesses are very common during the Umrah due to heat and crowds, so this Aid Kit is essential for that purpose. 

Though ambulances are provided they are ready to take the serious patients into hospitals. If you have the plan to visit the Holy Kaabah through December umrah packages 2019 then you must have medical kit because there are several chances of the flue and other disorders which influence with extreme coldness. This TSA-compliant Hajj Umrah Travel Medical Kit keep pilgrims safe while traveling.

Medical Aid Kit comprises items such as:

For Sanitation

• hand sanitizer

• prep pads

• soap

For Treatment 

• allergy tablets

• antibiotic ointment,

• chewable aspirin

• fiber tablets 

• ice pack

• pain and fever tablets 

For Protection

• band-Aids

• first-aid tape

• gauze pads

• gloves

• sterile gauze

• surgical face masks

Other times 

• Safety pins 

• Scissors 

• Tweezers

When it is reviewed as religiously, so the Messenger of God mentioned the importance of physical fitness, which is why people who are financially capable but physically have lack are not allowed to perform the major or minor pilgrimages. Because the Prophet of God said that Muslim who is both financially and physically capable should visit the Holy Kaabah once in life. The more physically task for pilgrims it is to perform the rituals of Hajj or Umrah. Undoubtedly, Hajj requires a lot of walking and it is recommended to walk at least six months before traveling to Hajj or Umrah. 

Pilgrims should have a personal first aid kit that will be useful in case of minor health emergencies. The following list delivers plans on what to include:

• Plenty of materials of all consistent treatment in the original container and suitably characterized.

• A signed and dated letter from a doctor that contains all health disorders and a list of all medications with common names.

• Pilgrims should take an extra pair if they wear glasses or contact lenses

• If pilgrims have main allergies or a protracted medicinal disorder, so they should wear a medical alert bracelet.

• A small number of regular tablets for sore throats, coughs, constipation or diarrhea.

• Adhesive bandages, antibacterial ointment, insect repellant and petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

Remember: Medical First Aid Kit must not contain such items which are not very much necessary such as extra ointment cream of sunburn, moisturizing cream to protect from heat, multi-vitamins or some others. Because these extra items occupy the space and increase the weight as well.

If pilgrims take regular medicines then they should consult GP to evaluate their treatment and make sure that they have sufficient medicines to cover their trip. A letter of health treatment from GP describing existing prescription may prove useful for settlement purposes. Pilgrims should keep all medicines in their original container and carry in their hand luggage with a printed copy of them.