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Do I Need a Visa for Performing Umrah in Ramadan 2020?

Performing Umrah in the divine period of the year, Ramadan is a source of pride for every Muslim because they are involved in the highly mystical and imperative worship. The pilgrimage of Ramadan Umrah takes place in the sacred and historical cities of Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia and a large number of Muslims visit Holy Kaaba through Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2020.

If you are traveling very first time to accomplish your spiritual need then our expert and experience travel amenities are perfect for your requirements. The guests of Allah need many things for their spiritual journey such as visa, flight, hotel accommodations, and transportation in Makkah and Madinah. 

Generally, people ask a question Visa is required for performing Umrah? Yes, a visa is mandatory for the Muslims who are coming to perform Umrah. But you need a reliable and authorized travel agent to approve your visa application and getting a visa for your childhood dream. According to Hajj Ministry of Saudi Arabia, a person can’t apply directly for a visa. Therefore, Muslims of United Kingdom book their cheap and affordable Hajj and Umrah deals to carrying out your religious need. 

Requirements of Visa for Ramadan Umrah

Check out here visa requirements for Ramadan Umrah deals for 2020 to complete your religious worship in Masjid e Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. 

• A passport of traveler ought to be given with the application forms. This ought to have validity for minimum 7 months from the time of submission. 

• Candidates with a non-Muslim name will require to have confirmation from a masjid or spiritual center that they are practicing in the conviction. 

• Applications must be submitted with 2 passport-sized snaps and the front face is required.

Eligibility Criteria or an Umrah Visa

The women who are below 45, must travel with Mahram like son, husband, brother, father etc. Along with your application, the proof of Mahram should be attached. The kids below 18 will not be approved a visa application without going together with by an elder. 
So, book your Umrah Packages 2020 to avoid such kind of hassles and perform tension-free Umrah with your family and friends.