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What Should Women wear during Umrah?

Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage that requires specific clothing for its performance. Pilgrims wear ‘Ihram’ for offering Umrah rituals. To be in the state of Ihram is obligatory for every pilgrim, men or women, whether travelling through Cheap umrah packages from London or from other cities. While, the rulings differ for men and women, but one should seek proper guidance before departing for Umrah.

Here are some clothing tips for Women during Umrah

Clothing Type; Ihram.

Unlike men, women can wear their ordinary clothes during Umrah as Ihram. There’s no restriction in this regard provided that the clothing should be modest, simple and in accordance with the Islamic teachings. For this reason, a majority of women prefer wearing ‘Abaya’ on the top of their ordinary clothes. As it is loose-fitting, non-transparent and doesn’t reveal the body’s figure. Consequently, becoming the most convenient option.

Fabric Type and Colours.

Women should keep in mind that their clothing fabric should cover the entire body and be thick enough that it doesn’t reveal the skin. On the other hand, it should also remain in accordance with the weather conditions in Makkah. Cotton blended clothes or Shalwar Kameez (the traditional Indo-Pak clothes) are the best selections in this regard. As far as the colour is concerned, it can be of any shade. However plain, simple clothes are usually preferred. 

Prohibitions during Tawaf.

During Tawaf, it is prohibited for women to;

1. Cover their Faces with Veils/Niqab.2. Cover their hands with gloves or any other piece of clothing. 


Women can also wear socks to cover their feet. Therefore, sneakers can be worn by women. You must consider that, the footwear should be light-weight, breathable, slip-on i.e. without laces and soft/comfortable. For this reason, rather than buying a new pair of shoes, pick the old one that perfectly and comfortably fits your feet. Never ever compromise on the quality of your shoes because you’ll have to walk long distances as part of Umrah rituals. So, always pick durable pair(s) of shoes. 

The necessity of Hijab/Head-scarf.

For women, covering their hair all the time during umrah is an obligation. Therefore, wearing hijab becomes a necessity. For some women wearing hijab might be difficult because it can be their first time or they don’t know to manage hijab properly. For this reason, wearing under-scarf caps is the most helpful tool.  

Important things to consider.

• Wearing silk clothes as Ihram is prohibited during Umrah.

• Underclothing should remain of the same colour especially if you are wearing white. Such that it doesn’t become visible in bright sunlight conditions.

• Women must wear sewn clothes for Ihram.

• Clothing should be loose-fitting.

• No attractive scent should emerge from it. 

• It’s better to wear simple clothes without any sort of exaggerated designing, patterns or embroidery.

These are some of the essential clothing tips that women should consider for their minor pilgrimage trip through January umrah packages London.